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Breed: Homozygous Black Tobiano

Height: 16.1hh

Zerro is an Imported Dutch Warmblood Stallion standing 16.1hh.
He is a homozygous black tobiano stallion
owned by Audrey Davies Moolman of FAR HILLS Pintado Stud.
This stunning stallion will be used by Ruach Pinto’s during our 2012/2013 breeding season, and we are very excited about these breedings!!
You can read more about Zerro on the website: www.farhillsstud.co.za

Photography by: TRACY ROBERTSON


Zerro King Purioso Furioso II Furioso
Dame de Ranville
Alinda Martell
Alice von Buer
Wanda Pericles Relic
Queen Of Peru
Tina D Ordonnans
Astrid D
Lianne Ferro Ulft Le Mexico
Brenda Farn
Cindy Samber Pericles
Tina D
Rajella Eclatant