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May 13
Last Updated on 18 June 2014

Expected Foals for 2013/14 breeding season

We are super excited about the expected foals  for 2013/14 breeding season!!!


Ruach Splash  to  Zerro   from Far Hills Stud
Southcross Amidala to  Zerro   from Far Hills Stud
Cointreau d”or  to  Esaro W   from  Midas Touch Stud
Juistzoo Hooch  to  Trinity Rider  from  Rancho Stud
Texas White Chip  to  Amor  from Bokertov Stud
Ruach Jessica  to  Reed    from Ruach Pinto Sport Horses
Emerald Isle Savannah  to  Esaro W   from Midas Touch Stud
Ruach Spirit  to  Titan Jr  from Ruach Pinto Sport Horses


Unfortunately due to billary,  Midas Touch Cinnamon lost her foal from Bacio, whom was due to be born 8 October 2013.  A very sad loss.
And as Bacio sadly passed away, we will no longer be able to re breed her to him. We will now put her to our very own Joepie.