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Ruach was founded in 2012 with the aim of breeding quality SA Sport Horses with a touch of colour.

The main focus of our breeding was quality and ability.

We wanted to breed good athletes who would be able to compete in show jumping, dressage as well as eventing.

Temperament being just as important to us as athletic ability, we carefully selected our breeding stock to achieve this.

Our foundation stallion, Joepie, who has sadly passed away in 2018 was a Gelderlander stallion imported to SA.

Joepie was very unique in that he was the only International Heavy Breed Warmblood in the country as well as the only Homozygous Chestnut Tobiano stallion.

This meant that we were able to breed horses of good size and bone, with the guarantee of colour to any mare.

Through the years, we have acquired a few other stallions whom upped our game in the dressage field as well, producing world class foals for us.

Welt Eiger, a direct son of the legendary Weltmeyer, who has reached top level dressage before retiring to stud, bred some lovely foals for us before sadly passing away.

We do still have frozen semen from him which allows us to continue using this top proven bloodline.

Special Effects, a son of the well known Oldenburg dressage sire, Sempatico M, who did both dressage as well as show jumping. Sadly also passed away.

His brother, Super Natural, whom we recently acquired and whom is currently at elementary level dressage under the skillful hands of our dressage rider, Heinrich Terblanch.

And then the impressive dressage bred stallion Treliver D’Artagnan, son of Treliver Decanter who was a world class PSG dressage stallion out of top performing bloodlines.

Our horses are well handle since birth and grow up in their natural herds ensuring level headed, well balanced babies that have confidence and are hardy and healthy.

Our horses are bred for junior riders as well as top level competitors, and their temperaments make them suitable for the whole family.

All our horses are from top proven bloodlines and are DNA verified, micro-chipped and registered with the SA Sport Horse federation.

We are also a registered member of the SA Studbook, South Africa’s only recognized registering body for animal improvement.

Prices for well-bred youngsters start from around R45 000 and can go as high as R200 000 for more sought after bloodlines.

Height is also a big determining factor for price, as most buyers seem to want horses from 16hh and up.

Buyers should always make the effort to view the horse they want to buy personally if at all possible.

I firmly believe that each horse has a unique personality and needs to be matched to their rider. Not every personality will always match with the other and as this will be a partnership in competition, it needs to be matched properly.

There are currently many top international quality show jumpers as well as dressage horses in SA.

Through the years many proven warmbloods have been imported and bred with, producing fantastic offspring that upped the standard in SA tremendously.

Frozen semen from some of the world’s best stallions are also readily available to breeders who want to breed that next champion.

Unfortunately, these babies very seldom get professionally produced.

In my opinion we have more horses with higher level potential in SA, than riders that are able to ride them. 

There are also many top-level horses with riders who are not experienced enough to properly ride them to their full potential.

Too many riders are unwilling to put in the time and effort to school potential young horses properly, and opt to rather buy the older more experienced horses, leaving a gap in the industry where young horses with exceptional potential seldom gets developed to their full potential because there are just not enough knowledgeable riders to train them, or they never get chosen and produced to this level.

Finding professional riders good enough to take a good horse to the top is a big problem in SA as they are few and far between.

SA Sporthorses are mostly warmblood and warmblood crosses.

For show jumping these warmblood crosses are very popular.

Dressage riders seem to be liking the warmblood Friesian crosses as well as the warmblood Lusitano crosses.

We have also seen Lusitano x Boerperd crosses doing fantastic in the show ring.

SA Sporthorses are not bred to be “showing” horses.

They are athletes, bred for specific sport styles.

They are bred to perform, not look pretty, but if we can have both, then so much better.

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