Daisy is the sweetest pony mare who just loves babies.

We got daisy initially to be our kinder garden au pair, but she went crazy every foaling season trying to steal the new born babies from the other mommies.

So we decided last year, to allow Daisy to have her own baby.

We put daisy to our Premium Licensed Pony stallion Reed, and she gave us the most perfect little colt whom we named Rafiki.

The naughtiest if the foals, but the cutest by far!!


Rafiki should make an absolutely perfect children’s pony, and with both parents being very athletic and having above average movement and jumping ability, I am very sure that he will be a stunning all rounder pony!


We will allow Daisy to have her own foals every now and then, and we know that her beautiful foals to make little child-hearts very happy!!