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Dressage Debut

Our very handsome pony stallion Juistzoo Reed has been showing a great mind for learning new things, so to challenge him a bit, his rider/Trainer, Firn Hyde, decided to play around with some dressage basics and the young man rose to the occasion and presented a very elegant, refined side of him that we normally don’t see when he is in the jumping arena.

Jumping has been the first area that Reed has shown great talent and he now successfully jumps 1.10m with Firn when training at home. W have however not yet taken him to a graded show, but will start that journey soon.

After realizing that we have a multi talented all rounder in the making, we jumped at the chance to see what the judges would say and entered him into his first ever dressage show on the 28th Sept, held at the Sunlands Stables. It was a Ride and Go Dressage show, so no one competed for a win, making it all more relaxed and calmed the nerves somewhat. Never the less, we came with great expectation and all the bells and whistles.

Preparation for the day consisted of polishing and cleaning everything from the tack to the pony. Early on the Sunday morning we loaded up and left for the show. Reed was all ears and eyes when we arrived and was very interested to see all the gorgeous girls displayed in their best show gear for the day.

It took a bit a sheer will power for him to try keep his concentration with his 3 Prelim tests that he had to get through on the day, but he managed great and really stood out at the end of the day.

Reed got good remarks from both the judges , they were very impressed with the small stallions amazing presence and striking coat. He even scored some 7.5’s proving to us that we were not wrong to persue this line of training for him.

He did us proud!!! Both him and Firn, were both amazing on the day and we couldn’t be more proud of the two of them!!! A great team with a bright future!