Erwin Fan't Reidfjild


Erwin Fan’t Reidfjild is a imported foalbook stallion that received a first premie as a foal as well as the star designation as a three year old. He is one of only a few A List stallions in the country which means he received a breeding permission from the KFPS for forty coverings in a season.

Erwin is well known for his prowess in the carriage and has been the National Champion at the FPSSA Show on more than one occasion. His gentle nature and willingness to work sets him apart from the rest. Some of Erwin fan’t Reidfjild’s resent show results:
Vereniging Show – Champion In-Hand Pretoria Show – Champion Single Harness
Vrede Show – Reserve Champion In-Hand
And possibly the most special result was that at all three of the above shows Erwin together with little Suzaan took part in the lead reign class, where they did very well and Erwin’s gentle nature won over many new fans!! Well done! Owned by Perdeprag Stud.