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Expected Foals for the 2014/15 Breeding Season:

We are so excited to share with you our planned breedings and confirmed pregnancies.
The following foals are on their way!!!

Sport Horse foals:

Sookie Lynn Zerro
Sookie Lynn was bred to Imported Warmblood Stallion Zerro for a 100% guaranteed homozygous foal. This foal has all imported bloodlines and promises to be something special!!!
Brandenburg Calypso Special Effects
Brandenburg Calypso was put to Imported Stallion Special Effects of London Lane Stud. This is going to be a super foal and will definitely be Pinto!!
Cinnamon Super Natural
Cinnamon, our gorgeous big Thoroughbred mare was put to Super Natural, also an Imported homozygous stallion, and half brother to Special. Guarenteed Pinto foal.
Purfume Gift Zerro
Purfume Gift was put to Zerro for another top quality Pinto foal. This match is going to turn heads for sure!!
Just ‘an Angel Quantico
Our very stunning Just ‘an Angel was covered by the winning Warmblood stallion at HOY 2014, Quantico. This amazing son of the legendary Quarterback, is sure to produce a top quality foal. Weather we will have a Pinto or a Solid remains to be seen, but we are eagerly awaiting it’s birth!!
Painted Sandy Ashbank Euphoric
Painted Sandy has been put in foal to Ashbank Euphoric, imported KWPN Pinto stallion. We are hoping for a perfectly healthy foal and will obviously be very thrilled should we get some colour in the parcel!!
Jamunzi Ashbank Euphoric
Beautiful Jamunzi has been bred to Euphoric too and we are just as excited about her foal. She breeds good size, bulk and perfect conformation into her foals, so this one is bound to be perfect!!
Nushka Titan
We have bred three of our mares to our very own hunk of a stallion Juistzoo Tiran, or Titan as we choose to call him. The first of these are Nushka, whom we have been struggling to get pregnant for two years. So you can imagine how happy we are about this baby!!!!!
Hooch Titan
The second mare bred to Titan is Hooch. We are really excited about this foal and will wait to see if Titan throws his cream gene to any one of these mares.
Hunters Titan
And the third mare we bred to Titan is Hunters. Hunters is a homozygous mare, so we are very hopeful that we might get a homozygous foal as her previous filly was also homozygous.
Sioux Pa Splendid Rico
Another stunning homozygous mare, Sioux Pa Splendid, was bred to the very handsome KWPN warmblood stallion Rico owned be Assagai Stud.
Magic Lady Juistzoo Reed
Magic Lady, a super sweet thoroughbred mare was bred to our own Juistzoo Reed, to hopefully repeat the absolute perfection we received in his previous foal Rïla. Here we also have the possibility of Reed giving his cream gene to the foal, so very difficult to know what colour foal we may get.
Jessica Joepie
Jessica, our oldest broodmare was put in foal to Joepie. We believe that this foal will be stunning.
Christina Ashkiara
We have a very pretty Friesian Sport horse mare, Christina whom is in foal to a Pinto stallion Ashkiara. Her previous foal to this stallion was a beautiful pinto filly, we are hoping for a repeat of this.
Winnie Dries 421
Then our Friesian girl Winnie is in foal to imported Studbook Stallion Dries 421. Whether this foal is a colt or filly it will be retained by our stud.
Midnight Dream Teun T
The second of our Friesian mares in foal for a full Friesian foal is Midnight Dream. Dream is in foal to Teun T, whom is know to throw perfect conformations, great temperaments and amazing size.
Juliana Zerro
The last Friesian mare Juliana has been put in foal to Zerro for our very first Pinto Friesian Sport Horse , or Baroque Pinto.
Badger Baby Titan
Badger Baby was bred to Titan. This breeding was requested and was sold in utero. We are probably just as excited to see what this match produces as the foals owner, Annerie Greyling.

Quarter Horse and Paint Foals:

Hippy Hippy A Painted Smart Olena
Hippy Hippy Shake has been bred to the famous A Painted Smart Olena before he was sold and left the country. This foal will be 100% paint.
Murnels Rukuska A Painted Smart Olena
Murnels Rukuska was also bred back to Smarty after her previous foal to him. We are rooting for a colt, but will be just as thrilled with a filly. Either way, the foal will be retained

This promises to be a great season, we cannot wait to share this experience with you!!!!