Expected Foals for the 2015/16 Breeding season

SA Sport Horse Federation

We take great pleasure in sharing the following expected pregnancies with you for the 2015/16 breeding season.

Sookie Lynn to Quantico

Sookie gave us such a gorgeous colt to Zerro last season, that we decided to pit her to a stallion bred in the purple for dtessage. This foal will be born with dressage royalty bloodlines!!!!! Cannot wait!! Due 5 October 2015

Southcross Amidala to Special Effects

Amidala was also bred to Zerro last season and we found that she breeds incredible bulk to her foals, so wanted to compliment her robust size with some refinement. We paired her to Special effects this time and are very excited to see what this match will produce. Due 10 October 2015

Eagles Whitney to Special Effects

With this stunning new mare to our stud, we were so excited to match her up to our gorgeous Special!! Going to be a knock out stunning foal!! Due 18 October 2015

Texas white Chip to Quantico

We thought that Quantico will be a very complimenting to our very lovely Texas, and with her being homozygous tobiano, we know we will see a gorgeous chestnut tobiano foal!! Due 5 October 2015

Midnight Dream to Zerro

We are very excited about our Friesian Sporthorse breeding programe, and have three Friesian mares due this season. Deam was put to Warmblood stallion Zerro in an effort to breed this gorgeous baroque pinto babies.

Juliana van Smitsvlei to Zerro

This is a re-do of last years breeding as Juliana unfortunately re absorbed her foal on our previous try. We are praying that all goes well this time round and eagerly await this baby, due 6 October 2015.

Winnie van Smitsvlei to Special Effects

We are very curious t see what our dressage bred stallion will produce to Friesian mates, and chose our Star mare Winnie to try this season. Due 28 November 2015.

Braveheart to Juistzoo Titan

We have decided to put Braveheart to Titan as he constantly produces top quality foals and we wanted to see what these two would do. Due 19 October 2015.

Juistzoo Nushka to Special Effects

Nushka blessed us last season with an enormous and totally drop dead gorgeous foal to Titan. We are super super excited to see what she would produce to stallion like Special.

Juistzoo Hooch to Juistzoo Titan

After constantly giving us homozygous foals for two years in a row, we are very excited to try and duplicate the magic these two produced last year. Due 25 Jan 2016

Chocolatier to Zerro

We have noticed that almost all our Zerro foals of last season are very bulky and thought that matching him to a more refined mare such as Chocolate can only producea winning combination. Lets see. Due 9 January 2016

Full of Runnings to Joepie

Another mare that had to be re-bred because she lost her foal last season:
Full of Runnings (Manshood (GB) / Rakeen) is doing very well and I am very positive that this time round I will have a healthy foal come foaling season. Due 16 Jan 2016

Winter Cherry to Joepie

Winter Cherry (Western Winter (USA) / Fort Wood) is also in foal to Joepie.This mare has a huge jump and really compliments Joepie very well. We are excited to see what this match produces. Due 9 December 2015

Savannah Sunset to Joepie

This is probably the foal I’m most excited about!!!!
I have stuggled to get Savannah in foal for 3 years. trying everything. Different stallions, live cover, AI, sent her for all kinds of tests and treatmetents. Flushing etc etc. Nothing. And then, after I decided that this would be the last time I tried, she decided to fall pregnant!!! At the ripe age of 13yrs, she will become a mommy for the first time next season. I matched her up with my gorgeous Joepie and will be monitoring her like crazy through-out this pregnancy. Sooooo Excited!!! Savannah Sunset is by Saumarez (GB) and out of Star Beauty(Star Way). Due 3 December 2015

Hunter to Joepie

I decided to breed Joepie to my very peculiar mare Hunters. Hunters has a strong aversion to people, but tolerates us as we seem to be the source of her food. Unfortunately came to me with very bad trust issues. I am really hoping for a filly!!!!! Going to be homozygous as both parents are homozygous. Due 15 November 2015

Sioux Pa Splendid to Beach haven On Track

My beautiful mare Splendid has been put to the gorgeous, very talented Beach Haven On Track. I am over the moon to be priviledged enough to be able to use this stunning stallion. He boasts te legendary Ondol V and Mayfair Wunderbar. Due 22 Jan 2016