SA Sport Horse Federation approved mare.


Jasmine is a very sweet and lovable filly who had a very bad start to life. Romania D died whilst giving birth to her gorgeous filly in the early ours of the morning.
We managed to get enough colostrum from mum to start her off and then switched to Denkavit Foal milk as we had a very strong and hungry baby on our hands.
Jasmine stayed with me for the first two weeks, driving home every night and back to the farm every morning to be with her nanny, my pony mare Daisy, who luckily loves foals and always worries over them. After two weeks we decided to let Jasmine sleep with Daisy on the farm and also weaned her from her bottle onto a bucket which made milk times every 2 hours much easier.

Jasmine is by Joepie, and with her fantastic jumping pedigree this girl is sure to become a very strong force to be reckoned with once she has reached maturity.
Cannot wait to see how this stunning girl will look when she is big.