SA Sport Horse Federation Colt.


This beautiful big colt was born in the early hours of the morning and unfortunately we lost his mom during a long and difficult birth.

Luckily this boy is a little fighter and proved himself to be a strong and independent young man.

We have raised Kayleb at my home for the first two months of his life until he was settled enough to start stretching his feeds a bit during the night.

Then he finally was able to move back to the farm where he realized with a big shock that he was in fact a horse and not a dog, as he initially thought.

The many hours spent with this little dude throughout the long nights feeding him every hour on the hour really built a strong bond between us.

The pajama drill saw even the kids take turns at feeding so that mom could have a few hours sleep at night.

Hoping that this strapping boy will one day mature into a handsome stallion that I can use for my Friesian Sporthorse breeding program.