Legacy’s Sephira


SA Sport Horse Federation approved mare.



The name Saphira means a spiritual state of being.

Her dam was a state premium mare and produced top performance foals in her lifetime.

Her sire Sabio is a very modern lucitano stallion licenced with SASHF

The last decade has seen the Lusitano come to the fore in World Class Dressage – both Pure and Cross Breeds.  The Silver Medal success of the Spanish Team at the 2002 World Equestrian Games in Jerez, and 2004 Barcelona Olympics, as well as Lusitano horses entering the top 20 World Dressage Rankings have further confirmed the success and ability of this breed at International level.

The general perception of the Lusitano is that of a compact, smaller horse standing around 15.1 – 15.3 hh in height, with a fairly short, choppy stride.  In fact, this view of the Lusitano belongs to the past, as the modern type now proving itself in the International Arena is a taller (16 – 17hh) horse, with more length of leg and rein, and greater length of stride – carrying more of the features of modern sport horse adapted to the specialty of Dressage.  

Accordingly, some of the forefront Dressage Nations are incorporating the Lusitano into Dressage breeding and competition programs, with many top international riders competing Purebred and Warmblood Cross Lusitanos at high levels.

The History of the Lusitano is embedded deep in Centuries of Classical Equitation.  This development over time has contributed to the Lusitano’s conformation and ability – which is so well adapted to the collected movements and demands of Dressage. 

The work of the World renowned Expert in Equine Kinetics, Dr Eric Barrey, confirms this point in his research – which also draws the conclusion that Dressage Breeding can benefit from cross-breeding the Iberian horse with the modern warmblood.  

He motivates this point by saying that such cross breeding would enable a genetic synthesis of the best qualities of both breeds, namely the collected capacity of the Iberian horse with the warmblood’s natural talent for extension.   On the basis of these developments, several Private Dressage Breeders in Germany, elsewhere in Europe and further afield around the world have embarked on such a specialized Cross-breed program.  We are proud to have joined this prestigious