SA Sport Horse Federation filly.

  • Breed: SA Sport Horse
  • Born: 4 October 2018
  • Sire: Quinlan Biblo (Clydesdale)
  • Dam: Donna. (Friesian)
  • Dam Sire: Oege 267
  • Estimated Maturation Height: 16hh
  • Colour: Black


Quinlan is a divine filly bred with the sole intent to use her in our larger draught type baroque sport horses.

Quinlan’s sire is a stunning Clydesdale stallion who has proven himself in his various fields of performance and we bred him to a very modern type Friesian mare to get a more sporty-looking cross.

The intent is to now use Quinlan on one of our Gypsy x Friesian crosses to try and retain as much feathering as possible, but lighted the bone structure and self-carriage enough for dressage, without losing size.

It is very early stages of a very experimental breeding process, so we will see how these pans out.