SA Sport Horse Federation approved mare.


After a very difficult time coming to terms with the death of my beloved stallion, Special Effects, I receive this bundle of joy. The last foal ever to be born from him, arriving one month early and nearly sending me to an early grave for doing so. None the less, all turned out just fine as this little fighter needed no help in facing the big wide world.
Choosing a name turned our way more difficult than I had anticipated and I had to call in the facebook support team to assist with suggestions to capture the true emotional depth of what this girl means to me.
Serenade. – May her life be a song of serenade to her sire’s life.
She is perfect in every way.
Blue eyed princess with the most delicate facial features and exquisite frame. Perfect conformation and beautiful movement.
A better gift I could not have hoped for.
I thank the Lord for His gift to me.

She will be retained.