Westhills Jasper B

SA Sport Horse Federation

We are so very proud to share such stunning news of top performing half brother to our very own stud stallion Joepie.

WESTHILLS JASPER B was born in Holland in 2002.
He has an excellent trainable temperament combined with exceptional movement which has shown him to excel in the dressage arena. Jasper is currently training at Grand Prix level with wins at Inter II, Inter I, P.S.G., Advanced, and Advanced Medium.
He has also competed at high profile Premier League shows and qualified for regional finals.
Jasper B has covered a small number of mares to date via chilled and frozen AI, and his offspring under saddle have shown to have inherited his ride-ability, character and movement by being successful in competition with both amateur and professional riders.

JAMES BONT (Unitas/Zakerno) was bred by Harrie Verstappen, multiple Dutch Gold Medal Winner. James Bont has very good movement and excellent natural jumping ability which saw him jump successfully at S-level in Germany, until an unfortunate injury saw him forced to be retired. He was then sold back to Holland where he still lives with his current owner Koos de Ronde. James Bont has passed on his super movement and good character to Jasper B.

UNITAS (Hoogheid/Oleander) was the fourth approved stallion from the dam Tolina. He exhibited power and charisma and with this was crowned 4 times Dutch champion against fierce competition from Renovo and later Waterman. Unitas is father of the stallions Cansjo and Orlando and the father of the dam of the stallions Goya and Colonel. Unitas was sold to Gert Court – Westendorp, where he spent a number of years before retiring from breeding at a grand age of 22, he sadly passed away later that year. The powerful performance of Unitas remains unforgettable.

JOCHEM (Cinovo/Noran) was the first approved son of Cinovo. He was crowned champion of his performance test and stood for his first 3 season in Holland where he produced over 60 foals before being exported to France. Jochem’s blood is still available through his son Opgenoort (Jochem/Renovo).

CINOVO (Renovo/Prins Oregon) demonstrated his great movement whilst on his performance test and in competition, this has gained him winnings of over €5,500. He covered only a small number of mares but despite this he holds a prominent place in the sport index. Recently he was third behind his father Renovo (Cambridge Cole) and Waterman. Cinovo’s most famous descendants are MNN Champion Horava, RGRT champion Irava, Ivo, Onassis and Interludium. As a dam sire he produced the successful horses Alblas (Fabricius), Penny (Fabricius) and Pilane (Lorton). A total number of 45 of his mares are registered in the Studbook including 2 ‘ster’ mares and 4 ‘keur’ mares. After Fabricius, Cinovo is the second ‘keur’ son of the preferent stallion Renovo.