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Category: Blog

Oct 14

Dressage Début

Our very handsome pony stallion Juistzoo Reed has been showing a great mind for learning new things, so to challenge him a bit, his rider/Trainer, Firn Hyde, decided to play around with some dressage basics and the young man rose to the occasion and presented a very elegant, refined side of him that we normally don’t see when he is in the jumping arena.

Jumping has been the first area that Reed has shown great talent and he now successfully jumps 1.10m with Firn when training at home. W have however not yet taken him to a graded show, but will start that journey soon.

After realizing that we have a multi talented all rounder in the making, we jumped at the chance to see what the judges would say and entered him into his first ever dressage show on the 28th Sept, held at the Sunlands Stables. It was a Ride and Go Dressage show, so no one competed for a win, making it all more relaxed and calmed the nerves somewhat. Never the less, we came with great expectation and all the bells and whistles.

Preparation for the day consisted of polishing and cleaning everything from the tack to the pony. Early on the Sunday morning we loaded up and left for the show. Reed was all ears and eyes when we arrived and was very interested to see all the gorgeous girls displayed in their best show gear for the day.

It took a bit a sheer will power for him to try keep his concentration with his 3 Prelim tests that he had to get through on the day, but he managed great and really stood out at the end of the day.

Reed got good remarks from both the judges , they were very impressed with the small stallions amazing presence and striking coat. He even scored some 7.5’s proving to us that we were not wrong to persue this line of training for him.

He did us proud!!! Both him and Firn, were both amazing on the day and we couldn’t be more proud of the two of them!!! A great team with a bright future!

Sep 14

We are so proud of our girl Ruach Spirit

Spirit was sold to her new owner Sandy Colloty and her little girl Deena.
She has settled in so well and is doing us proud and flying the Ruach flag high!!

Spirit  and Deena made such an impression with their first show debut.
Deena has built such a strong bond with her new best friend, that these two are inseparable!

They won
1st place – First Pony (Riding pony)
1st place – First Pony (Show Hunter)
First Pony – Champion
As well as
Overall Show Champion – 5th place!!

We are very happy that Spirit has such a good home with the Colloty family!!!

Go Spirit!!

Jun 14

Expected Foals for the 2014/15 Breeding Season:

We are so excited to share with you our planned breedings and confirmed pregnancies.
The following foals are on their way!!!

Sport Horse foals:

Sookie Lynn   Zerro
Sookie Lynn was bred to Imported Warmblood Stallion Zerro for a 100% guaranteed homozygous foal. This foal has all imported bloodlines and promises to be something special!!!
Brandenburg Calypso   Special Effects
Brandenburg Calypso was put to Imported Stallion Special Effects of London Lane Stud. This is going to be a super foal and will definitely be Pinto!!
Cinnamon   Super Natural
Cinnamon, our gorgeous big Thoroughbred mare was put to Super Natural, also an Imported homozygous stallion, and half brother to Special. Guarenteed Pinto foal.
Purfume Gift   Zerro
Purfume Gift was put to Zerro for another top quality Pinto foal. This match is going to turn heads for sure!!
Just ‘an Angel   Quantico
Our very stunning Just ‘an Angel was covered by the winning Warmblood stallion at HOY 2014, Quantico. This amazing son of the legendary Quarterback, is sure to produce a top quality foal. Weather we will have a Pinto or a Solid remains to be seen, but we are eagerly awaiting it’s birth!!
Painted Sandy   Ashbank Euphoric
Painted Sandy has been put in foal to Ashbank Euphoric, imported KWPN Pinto stallion. We are hoping for a perfectly healthy foal and will obviously be very thrilled should we get some colour in the parcel!!
Jamunzi   Ashbank Euphoric
Beautiful Jamunzi has been bred to Euphoric too and we are just as excited about her foal. She breeds good size, bulk and perfect conformation into her foals, so this one is bound to be perfect!!
Nushka   Titan
We have bred three of our mares to our very own hunk of a stallion Juistzoo Tiran, or Titan as we choose to call him. The first of these are Nushka, whom we have been struggling to get pregnant for two years. So you can imagine how happy we are about this baby!!!!!
Hooch   Titan
The second mare bred to Titan is Hooch. We are really excited about this foal and will wait to see if Titan throws his cream gene to any one of these mares.
Hunters   Titan
And the third mare we bred to Titan is Hunters. Hunters is a homozygous mare, so we are very hopeful that we might get a homozygous foal as her previous filly was also homozygous.
Sioux Pa Splendid   Rico
Another stunning homozygous mare, Sioux Pa Splendid, was bred to the very handsome KWPN warmblood stallion Rico owned be Assagai Stud.
Magic Lady   Juistzoo Reed
Magic Lady, a super sweet thoroughbred mare was bred to our own Juistzoo Reed, to hopefully repeat the absolute perfection we received in his previous foal Rïla. Here we also have the possibility of Reed giving his cream gene to the foal, so very difficult to know what colour foal we may get.
Jessica   Joepie
Jessica, our oldest broodmare was put in foal to Joepie. We believe that this foal will be stunning.
Christina   Ashkiara
We have a very pretty Friesian Sport horse mare, Christina whom is in foal to a Pinto stallion Ashkiara. Her previous foal to this stallion was a beautiful pinto filly, we are hoping for a repeat of this.
Winnie   Dries 421
Then our Friesian girl Winnie is in foal to imported Studbook Stallion Dries 421. Whether this foal is a colt or filly it will be retained by our stud.
Midnight Dream   Teun T
The second of our Friesian mares in foal for a full Friesian foal is Midnight Dream. Dream is in foal to Teun T, whom is know to throw perfect conformations, great temperaments and amazing size.
Juliana   Zerro
The last Friesian mare Juliana has been put in foal to Zerro for our very first Pinto Friesian Sport Horse , or Baroque Pinto.
Badger Baby   Titan
Badger Baby was bred to Titan. This breeding was requested and was sold in utero. We are probably just as excited to see what this match produces as the foals owner, Annerie Greyling.

Quarter Horse and Paint Foals:

Hippy Hippy   A Painted Smart Olena
Hippy Hippy Shake has been bred to the famous A Painted Smart Olena before he was sold and left the country. This foal will be 100% paint.
Murnels Rukuska   A Painted Smart Olena
Murnels Rukuska was also bred back to Smarty after her previous foal to him. We are rooting for a colt, but will be just as thrilled with a filly. Either way, the foal will be retained

This promises to be a great season, we cannot wait to share this experience with you!!!!

May 13

Expected Foals for 2013/14 breeding season

We are super excited about the expected foals  for 2013/14 breeding season!!!


Ruach Splash  to  Zerro   from Far Hills Stud
Southcross Amidala to  Zerro   from Far Hills Stud
Cointreau d”or  to  Esaro W   from  Midas Touch Stud
Juistzoo Hooch  to  Trinity Rider  from  Rancho Stud
Texas White Chip  to  Amor  from Bokertov Stud
Ruach Jessica  to  Reed    from Ruach Pinto Sport Horses
Emerald Isle Savannah  to  Esaro W   from Midas Touch Stud
Ruach Spirit  to  Titan Jr  from Ruach Pinto Sport Horses


Unfortunately due to billary,  Midas Touch Cinnamon lost her foal from Bacio, whom was due to be born 8 October 2013.  A very sad loss.
And as Bacio sadly passed away, we will no longer be able to re breed her to him. We will now put her to our very own Joepie.

Jan 13

Wild Horses

Do you really even still get wild horses? Surely in this day and age they don’t really exist anymore?
Well, yes! although it sounds far fetched, there are still herds of wild horses out there!
Although, not all of them might have started out wild…

Not all horses are bred and raised in a controlled environment like a stud or well managed farm area. It does happen that people with bigger farms, have horses that roam free and are not handled regularly or even at all. When these horses reproduce and the foals are never handled or trained, they become skittish and weary of human contact, choosing to stay clear of being touched. If not caught and trained in time, they become virtually impossible to manage. When a second or third generation of such foals are born, you truly have WILD horses. And you also then have to play a whole different ballgame!!

Ruach stud recently bought four such mares into our stud. Hooch and Shasta Splash, born in 2004, Tina born in 2005 and Hunters born in 2006. Now I can hear many of you asking, why on earth would we do that? Well, these mares were born out of the hardiest, toughest survivors, with hooves of steel and great genetics! Qualities that are rare to find, and that we want our future horses to have.


These mares are now between 6 and 8 years old, making them even more difficult to tame as it gets more difficult to gain authority over a grown animal whom have already exerted it’s place in the herd and is more set in it’s behavioral patterns. They have no healthy respect for human authority and because naturally you cannot dominate such a powerful
animal, you have to gain their trust. We believe in a natural approach to horsemanship, so trust is vitally important!

These mares have all had previous foals and have the natural instinct to run and protect their foals from human interaction, and in doing this, teaches this behavior to the foals. Luckily, once weaned, these babies can then be handled and trained. Only one of these mares came to us already pregnant, Hunter, and she had her filly shortly after arriving with us. The other three mares are not pregnant, making it so much easier for us to work with them without the risk of them aborting the foals. We will not breed with these mares until we have made sufficient progress with them to be able to intimately handle them with foals at foot. Hunter is still very much a work in progress, but we can see the huge leaps and bounds of progress already made with her. We also handle and train her foal, Shebah at the same time as mommy gets her training. Nothing major, just getting her comfortable with being touched, groomed and halter trained. This makes life a lot easier for everyone!!

Treating these mares for basic things such as deworming or dipping, becomes virtually impossible as you cannot get close to do so. Should an injury arise, giving medical attention is a huge head ache!

It unfortunately takes years of training and knowledge and hours and hours of time and patience to break through to these horses in order to gain their trust.

Just like humans, horses have different personalities and characters. Each react differently to certain training techniques. With some we have quicker breakthroughs in certain areas than with others. Sometimes even just the lack of reaction is in itself a major breakthrough!!

It is a long and tedious road, but a very rewarding one at that. It is definitely not for the faint hearted or people who want instant results. There is nothing that beats the feeling at the end of every day, the satisfaction and joy that it brings to see the change, when you run with wild horses…..