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Category: Blog

Mar 18

Horse Of the Year 2018

What great fun and excitement we had at HOY this year!!!
We left for KPC early on Sunday morning in order to get all he horses there with ample time for them to settle in and rest out before the show started on Monday morning.
We were so blessed with open roads and safe travels.
Our horses were all very unsure of why they were bathed so regularly and then turned out and trimmed to perfection.
The excitement culminated in what was a truly memorable day.

Here are some of our beauties with their handlers and riders.

Samantha Ellis and Super Natural. – They competed in the Show riding classes of both the SA Sport Horses and General Breeds. They took a third place on the SASHF class and sure looked stunning!! Both of them were able to grow so much from this experience. Great fun was had and big smiles all round.

Super Natural and Adam Zwane – Competed in the stallions class and placed second.

Super Natural and Goodman Sbanda – Competed in te Coloured Stallions class and took a first place.

Sookie Lynn and Goodman Sbanda. – They competed in the Mares 3yrs and older category as well as Coloured mares over 3 yrs. Sookie took a second place and looked fantastic and so well behaved.

Symphony and Adam Zwane. – This being their third HOY together, this team took it in their stride and won the Coloured mares over 3yrs class, placed third in the Mares 3yrs and older class and took Champion Coloured SA Sporthorse.

Joepie and Megan Zofka – Competed in the Stallions over 3yrs and placed third. Unfortunately Joepie reared and injured his handler, Megan, shortly after this class and had to be handled by a different handler for the second class and also had to withdraw from the ridden classes as Megan is his rider.

Joepie and Adam Zwane – Competed in the coloured stallions class and placed third.

Qayla and Goodman Sbanda – Placed second in their Coloured fillies under 3yrs class.

Qayla and Goodman – Competed in the Fillies 2-3yr old and placed second. This was Qayla’s first ever show and she behaved herself very well considering.

Serenade and Colett Janse v Rensburg – Took first place in the Yearlings 1-2yr class. Our blue eyed girl was very well behaved despite all the scary stuff going on in the arena.

Sherah and Adam Zwane – Who competed in the yearlings class as well, was a little less well behaved than her best friend Serenade. Despite her antics, she placed second in a class of four. She also then went on to win the Coloured fillies under 3yr class.

Sugar & Spice and Goodman Sbanda – She was such a sweetheart and won both her classes for Fillies 2-3yrs as well as Friesian Sporthorses under three. She was also Friesian Sporthorse Champion and Champion SASHF Youngstock. I am very excited about the future of this magnificent girl.

Juventas and Colett Janse v Rensburg – This big girl did really well and was so well behaved. She took third place fir Coloured mares over 3yrs. Well done!!

Apr 17

Horse Of the Year 2017

This year at HOY was a mixture of emotions that proved to test the resolve of even the toughest showing professional. Our team had to endure horrific traffic on our way there, as the heavy rains made roads super slippery and caused many road users frustrations with delays of hours trying desperately to get to their destinations on time. The pouring rain started early on Monday morning and lasted throughout the entire week of the show.

Our horses boxed like pros at 5am as we set out for Kyalami Equestrian estate. On our arrival, we first made sure that all the four legged children were settled in their stables before we frantically started to turn out the horses in preparation for their classes in the pouring rain.

We entered the arena one by one, soaked to the bone. Both horses and handlers enduring the constant downpour with as much grace and patience as can be expected of any well trained team. With poise and elegance our four participants took home their fair share of rosettes in the SASHF classes, bringing and end to the first day of showing.

Day two we had more time to make sure that all the horses looked their best before going in to the arena for their individual classes in the General breeds category. Here also they all did very well and I am very pleased with the remarks given from the judges. Unfortunately Symphony had sprained her fetlock in the soggy footing of the soaked arenas, which resulted in swelling that left me no alternative but to withdraw her from the rest of the classes she was entered into.

On Thursday, the Coloured Classes were held, and once again all the horses really did well, bringing to an end a week of shivering cold and wet competition.

Qaiser, now owned by Megan Uren, (our fantastic show jumper, who competes Joepie for us) also took part in the SAWHS colts 2-3yr old class and was an absolute eye catcher in his beautiful bright blue showing brow band.

Qaiser and Megan Uren

Very glad to be home safe and sound, the foursome had formed a new bond and one could see that for them too it was an adventure from which they learned priceless life lessons.

Looking forward to next year, hoping that we will have beautiful sunny weather to look forward to.

Places achieved

Symphony, handled by her groom, Adam Zwane.

  • SASHF fillies 2-3yrs – 1st Place
  • SASHF Champion Youngstock
  • SASHF Reserve Champion Horse Of the Year
  • General Breeds fillies 2-3yrs – 3rd Place

Titanium, handled by his trainer, Colett J V Rensburg.

  • SASHF 2-3yr Geldings – 1st Place
  • SASHF Champion Gelding
  • Coloured Gelding -3rd Place

Zara, handled by her trainer, Firn Hyde.

  • SASHF Mares 3yrs and up – 1st Place
  • SASHF Champion Broodmare/Potential Broodmare
  • SASHF Supreme Champion Horse Of the Year
  • Coloured Mares 3yrs and up – 5th Place

Tara, handled by her groom, Terri-lee Rae and Rain Hyde.

  • SASHF Mares 3yrs and up – 2nd Place
  • Coloured Mares 3yrs and up – 3rd Place
Jun 16

Westhills Jasper B

We are so very proud to share such stunning news of top performing half brother to our very own stud stallion Joepie.

WESTHILLS JASPER B was born in Holland in 2002.
He has an excellent trainable temperament combined with exceptional movement which has shown him to excel in the dressage arena. Jasper is currently training at Grand Prix level with wins at Inter II, Inter I, P.S.G., Advanced, and Advanced Medium.
He has also competed at high profile Premier League shows and qualified for regional finals.
Jasper B has covered a small number of mares to date via chilled and frozen AI, and his offspring under saddle have shown to have inherited his ride-ability, character and movement by being successful in competition with both amateur and professional riders.

JAMES BONT (Unitas/Zakerno) was bred by Harrie Verstappen, multiple Dutch Gold Medal Winner. James Bont has very good movement and excellent natural jumping ability which saw him jump successfully at S-level in Germany, until an unfortunate injury saw him forced to be retired. He was then sold back to Holland where he still lives with his current owner Koos de Ronde. James Bont has passed on his super movement and good character to Jasper B.

UNITAS (Hoogheid/Oleander) was the fourth approved stallion from the dam Tolina. He exhibited power and charisma and with this was crowned 4 times Dutch champion against fierce competition from Renovo and later Waterman. Unitas is father of the stallions Cansjo and Orlando and the father of the dam of the stallions Goya and Colonel. Unitas was sold to Gert Court – Westendorp, where he spent a number of years before retiring from breeding at a grand age of 22, he sadly passed away later that year. The powerful performance of Unitas remains unforgettable.

JOCHEM (Cinovo/Noran) was the first approved son of Cinovo. He was crowned champion of his performance test and stood for his first 3 season in Holland where he produced over 60 foals before being exported to France. Jochem’s blood is still available through his son Opgenoort (Jochem/Renovo).

CINOVO (Renovo/Prins Oregon) demonstrated his great movement whilst on his performance test and in competition, this has gained him winnings of over €5,500. He covered only a small number of mares but despite this he holds a prominent place in the sport index. Recently he was third behind his father Renovo (Cambridge Cole) and Waterman. Cinovo’s most famous descendants are MNN Champion Horava, RGRT champion Irava, Ivo, Onassis and Interludium. As a dam sire he produced the successful horses Alblas (Fabricius), Penny (Fabricius) and Pilane (Lorton). A total number of 45 of his mares are registered in the Studbook including 2 ‘ster’ mares and 4 ‘keur’ mares. After Fabricius, Cinovo is the second ‘keur’ son of the preferent stallion Renovo.

Apr 16

Expected Foals for the 2016/17 Breeding Season

Midnight Dream to Special Effects

Edna van Smitsvlei to Wessel van Smitsvlei

Southcross Amidala to Midas-Touch Samurai

This combination has a 50% chance of producing a tobiano foal, it will likely be either dark bay or black tobiano.

Eagles Whitney to Joepie

The combination of two very powerful jumping lines. Foal is 100% guaranteed to be tobiano. Either Chestnut, Black or Bay tobiano.

Midas-Touch Urica to Joepie

Still born foal, born 25 October 2016.

Perfume Gift to Welt Eiger

Perfume Gift was put to Welt Eiger to produce what I hope to be a super dressage prospect. Her absolutely perfect conformation and floating movement combined whith his amazing mind and proven ability, not forgetting his blueblood pedigree, should produce a foal that is bound to impress.

Savannah Sunset to Special Effects

Savannah Sunset was bred to Special Effects. Savannah has topped our expectations with last years foal and we are hoping that she will duplicate the magic this season!! Very excited about her second foal, and what makes it extra special is that the foal is by my late stallion, Special Effects.

Victorious Image to Welt Eiger

Victorious Image was put in foal to Welt Eiger. She has matured into a very substantial mare and we are very excited to see what she will produce. 100% tobiano foal.

Juliana van Smitsvlei to Special Effects

Foal Re absorbed.

Juistzoo Hunter to Welt Eiger

Juistzoo Hunter was also bred to Welt Eiger. This foal should be a show stopper. Hunter always stamps her foals with her stunning refined features and her amazing movement. And with Welt Eiger as sire, it is sure to be magnificent!! 100% Tobiano foal.

Just ‘an Angel to Special Effects

Just ‘an Angel was bred to Special Effects. This was a last minute change of plans as she was initially booked to Zospecial, but she didn’t take on the first 2 AI attempts. We substituted Special on the third try and she took. Shortly After, my boy Special died, and I couldn’t help feeling that this pregnancy was meant to be. This foal will definitely be tobiano and has a chance of being homozygous tobiano. The foal will be retained.

Saratoga Louisianna to Midas-Touch Samurai

Saratoga Louisianna was bred to Midas-Touch Samurai. This match combines the bloodlines of some of the best performance horses in the industry. No doubt this foal should be something spectacular!! 50% chance of being Tobiano and also has a chance of being homozygous.
Nov 15

Expected Foals for the 2015/16 Breeding season

We take great pleasure in sharing the following expected pregnancies with you for the 2015/16 breeding season.

Sookie Lynn to Quantico

Sookie gave us such a gorgeous colt to Zerro last season, that we decided to pit her to a stallion bred in the purple for dtessage. This foal will be born with dressage royalty bloodlines!!!!! Cannot wait!! Due 5 October 2015

Southcross Amidala to Special Effects

Amidala was also bred to Zerro last season and we found that she breeds incredible bulk to her foals, so wanted to compliment her robust size with some refinement. We paired her to Special effects this time and are very excited to see what this match will produce. Due 10 October 2015

Eagles Whitney to Special Effects

With this stunning new mare to our stud, we were so excited to match her up to our gorgeous Special!! Going to be a knock out stunning foal!! Due 18 October 2015

Texas white Chip to Quantico

We thought that Quantico will be a very complimenting to our very lovely Texas, and with her being homozygous tobiano, we know we will see a gorgeous chestnut tobiano foal!! Due 5 October 2015

Midnight Dream to Zerro

We are very excited about our Friesian Sporthorse breeding programe, and have three Friesian mares due this season. Deam was put to Warmblood stallion Zerro in an effort to breed this gorgeous baroque pinto babies.

Juliana van Smitsvlei to Zerro

This is a re-do of last years breeding as Juliana unfortunately re absorbed her foal on our previous try. We are praying that all goes well this time round and eagerly await this baby, due 6 October 2015.

Winnie van Smitsvlei to Special Effects

We are very curious t see what our dressage bred stallion will produce to Friesian mates, and chose our Star mare Winnie to try this season. Due 28 November 2015.

Braveheart to Juistzoo Titan

We have decided to put Braveheart to Titan as he constantly produces top quality foals and we wanted to see what these two would do. Due 19 October 2015.

Juistzoo Nushka to Special Effects

Nushka blessed us last season with an enormous and totally drop dead gorgeous foal to Titan. We are super super excited to see what she would produce to stallion like Special.

Juistzoo Hooch to Juistzoo Titan

After constantly giving us homozygous foals for two years in a row, we are very excited to try and duplicate the magic these two produced last year. Due 25 Jan 2016

Chocolatier to Zerro

We have noticed that almost all our Zerro foals of last season are very bulky and thought that matching him to a more refined mare such as Chocolate can only producea winning combination. Lets see. Due 9 January 2016

Full of Runnings to Joepie

Another mare that had to be re-bred because she lost her foal last season:
Full of Runnings (Manshood (GB) / Rakeen) is doing very well and I am very positive that this time round I will have a healthy foal come foaling season. Due 16 Jan 2016

Winter Cherry to Joepie

Winter Cherry (Western Winter (USA) / Fort Wood) is also in foal to Joepie.This mare has a huge jump and really compliments Joepie very well. We are excited to see what this match produces. Due 9 December 2015

Savannah Sunset to Joepie

This is probably the foal I’m most excited about!!!!
I have stuggled to get Savannah in foal for 3 years. trying everything. Different stallions, live cover, AI, sent her for all kinds of tests and treatmetents. Flushing etc etc. Nothing. And then, after I decided that this would be the last time I tried, she decided to fall pregnant!!! At the ripe age of 13yrs, she will become a mommy for the first time next season. I matched her up with my gorgeous Joepie and will be monitoring her like crazy through-out this pregnancy. Sooooo Excited!!! Savannah Sunset is by Saumarez (GB) and out of Star Beauty(Star Way). Due 3 December 2015

Hunter to Joepie

I decided to breed Joepie to my very peculiar mare Hunters. Hunters has a strong aversion to people, but tolerates us as we seem to be the source of her food. Unfortunately came to me with very bad trust issues. I am really hoping for a filly!!!!! Going to be homozygous as both parents are homozygous. Due 15 November 2015

Sioux Pa Splendid to Beach haven On Track

My beautiful mare Splendid has been put to the gorgeous, very talented Beach Haven On Track. I am over the moon to be priviledged enough to be able to use this stunning stallion. He boasts te legendary Ondol V and Mayfair Wunderbar. Due 22 Jan 2016

Please see our Fouls 2015/16 tab for all the info of these babies once they are born.